• Museum of Islamic Art ceramic display
    Ceramic gallery in the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Newark-on-Trent 1646
    3D reconstruction of Newark under siege in May 1646.
  • > Ben Franklin House Museum, Craven Street
    Ben Franklin Museum - Margaret Stephenson's parlour 1770.
  • St Andrews Cathedral Glasgow
    St Andrew's Cathedral Glasgow.
  • Rambert Dance Company
    Rambert Dance - fly through of a proposed South Bank headquarters.
  • MV Glen Etive
    MV Glen Etive and The Majestic Line
  • Hamilton Palace
    Hamilton Palace - 3D building reconstructions and a virtual gallery.
  • Hamilton Palace - 3D building reconstructions and a virtual gallery.
  • Richard Serra sculpture lighting at Berrydown House
    Richard Serra sculptures at Berrydown House
  • Wolfson Medical School
    University of Glasgow Medical School - lighting visualisation and analysis.
  • 14th C Stirling skeleton multimedia
    Stirling Skeleton - touchscreen multimedia of a 14th century cold case autopsy.
  • Christ Church University Canterbury
    Christ Church University Canterbury
  • Stirling Palace hall
    Stirling Castle - reconstructing the 16th century royal palace.
  • Hamilton landscape
    Hamilton 1890 - restored view of the town and landscape.
  • Virtual film set
    3d animated film - CGI virtual film sets.
  • Bolton Museum Egyptian Gallery
    Bolton Museum - the Egyptian Gallery.

3D images and digital media

Fleming Woelfell Imaging create evocative images of the past and bring new architecture and design to life.

We illuminate history for museums, galleries and visitor centre exhibitions and visualise innovative projects of the future.

We model, light and animate everything from boxes to bridges and produce stills, animation and immersive media for print, screen and web.