• Egyptian gallery in Bolton Museum
    Bolton Museum Egyptian gallery
  • Coin display system
    Museum coin display
  • Museum of Islamic Art glass display
    Glass gallery in the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Museum of Islamic Art ceramic display
    Ceramic gallery in the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Jo Kessel mosaic at the RSA
    Mosaic art at the RSA
  • National Museum of Scotland Discoveries Gallery
    National Museum of Scotland Discoveries Gallery
  • Stirling Heads Gallery
    The Stirling Heads Gallery
  • Sheikh Faisal Museum Jewellery display
    Jewellery display at the Sheikh Faisal Museum
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery
    Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Education Suite
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery lighting
    Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • Stirling Old Chapel Scottish Kings Projection
    Scotland's Early Kings projection
  • Scottish National Photography Centre
    Stirling Link Gallery
  • Richard Serra sculpture lighting at Berrydown House
    Richard Serra sculptures at Berrydown House
  • Linlithgow Burgh Gallery

Museum and gallery visuals.

Design images and exhibition content.

We have participated in numerous museum and gallery projects around the world producing design sketches, display system and case mock-ups, virtual lighting tests, final visualisations and complete gallery fly-throughs.

We also provide exhibition content as still images, graphics, animations and multimedia.

Historical reconstructions | Animation & multimedia