• Richard Serra sculpture lighting at Berrydown House
    Richard Serra sculptures at Berrydown House
  • MIBC Tower Moscow
  • Standard Life office lighting tests
    Standard Life - lighting analysis.
  • Standard Life - office lighting test.
  • Wolfson medical School atrium
    Wolfson Medical School
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery lighting
    Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • Prototype chandeliers for the Cathedral
    St. Andrew's Cathedral Glasgow - prototype fittings
  • St Andrews Cathedral Glasgow
    St. Andrews Cathedral Glasgow
  • Dondaldsons School for the Deaf
    Dondaldson's School - exterior lighting
  • Stirling Castle Palace Lighting Test
    Chandelier analysis at Stirling Castle Palace
  • Mersey Observatory
    Mersey Observatory

Lighting simulation.

Lighting design visualisation and analysis.

We visualise and test exterior and interior lighting schemes for designers, producing virtual prototypes of light fittings and mock-ups of buildings and urban spaces to show how various alternatives will look and perform. Using technically accurate light fitting data allows us to analyse light levels and visualise proposals with 360 degree immersive imaging.

We work at all scales from from one off fittings to urban strategies and on everything from houses and commercial interiors to galleries, cathedrals and cities. The results give lighting architects the feedback to fine tune their designs and the opportunity to work interactively with daylight.

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