• King's bedchamber at Yuletide
    Yuletide in the King's bedchamber at Stirling Castle.
  • James V Bedchamber
  • Knockando Woolmill multimedia timeline 1749 - 2015
  • The reconstructed tomb-chapel of Nebamun 1350BC.
  • Hamilton Landscape 1896
    Hamilton 1896 town and landscape aerial reconstruction
  • Drag sideways to move around the Palace.
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  • Hamilton Palace Long Gallery reconstruction
    Virtual museum - reconstruction of Hamilton Palace long gallery
  • Bedchamber of Mary of Guise 1542
    The bedchamber of Mary of Guise
  • Bedchamber of Mary of Guise 1542
    16th century painted ceiling
  • Painted image of the King's Outer Hall
    Reconstruction of the King's Outer Hall at Stirling Palace
  • Battle of Stirling Bridge 1297
    The Battle of Stirling Bridge
  • Newark Castle 1646
    Newark-on-Trent in the Civil War - May 1646
  • Newark-on-Trent 1646
    Reconstruction of Newark's Royalist defences - May 1646

Historical reconstructions

Reconstruction of lost buildings and landscapes

We have researched and reconstructed historic environments and buildings along with the stories of their occupants from ancient Egypt to the 20th century to bring lost landscapes, houses, industrial buildings, palaces and even paintings back to life in immersive 3D.

These reconstructions have been used as virtual galleries, panoramic web tours and in films for museums, visitor centres and heritage agencies.

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