• Peoples' Bridge concept lighting
    Clyde Bridge Competition - The Peoples' Crossing
  • Dunfermline Museum competition entry
    Dunfermline Museum - competition entry
  • Free Church Bookshop Model
    Free Church bookshop - white model
  • Gate Gardens Dubai
    Gate Gardens Dubai
  • Lough Rynn Castle Hotel
    Lough Rynn Castle Hotel Co. Leitrim
  • National Museum of Scotland Discoveries Gallery
    National Museum of Scotland Discoveries Gallery
  • Orsogril Fencing technical illustration
    Orsogril Fencing - technical illustration
  • Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant
    Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant - sketch design
  • Stanley Mills Perthshire
    Stanley Mills Perthshire
  • NPR Film lighting
    Film storyboard image
  • Storyboard throne room image
    Film storyboard image
  • Van Gogh at Arles

3D Illustration

Technical illustration and non-photoreal rendering

Photoreal renderings are not always the most appropriate style of image perhaps at an early stage in a project, for a competition, when used alongside sketch designs or as technical illustrations.

Many other types and styles of non photoreal (NPR) 3D illustration are available using a computer model to produce simple line art and white models to more painterly and abstract effects for print, panoramas and animation.

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