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    Facial reconstruction of the knight by Dundee University 's Forensic Pathology Dept for the BBC & Shine TV History Cold Case series.

Medieval Cold Case

A virtual touchscreen autopsy.

The skeleton of a 14th century knight was recently discovered in a mass grave in Stirling Castle. BBC2's History Cold Case programme examined the remains and reconstructed the face and history of this English knight who may be Sir John de Strichely of the Stirling Castle garrison who died in his mid-20s on Tuesday 10 October 1341 after being wounded in the chest by a Scottish arrow.

This large tabletop touchscreen multimedia in the Stirling Castle Casemates exhibition was developed with Pixelstag and sits next to the reconstructed head of the knight. Four groups of people can examine the body simultaneously, watching video clips and interactive slides in their own screen area.

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