Panmure House Edinburgh

The home of Adam Smith

Built as the townhouse of the Earls of Panmure in the late 17th century, Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations and the father of modern economics lived here from the 1770s until his death in 1790 and is buried in the nearby Canongate Kirkyard.

The dilapidated building has now been bought by the Edinburgh Business School and is being consolidated with the support of The Friends of Panmure House Charity. Smith would have entertained many of the key figures of the Scottish Enlightenment here and the restored building and surroundings at the foot of the historic Royal Mile will be home to an annual Festival of the Enlightenment as well as lectures, debates and research.

Our film is part of the fund-raising efforts for the project which involves Edinburgh World Heritage, Edinburgh City Council and Heriot Watt University as well as many leading academics, politicians and an advisory panel of 14 Nobel Laureates.

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